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DUI Probation At A Glance

Associated Penalties Probation

A person convicted of a DUIpenalties A DUI probation period can range from 3 to 12 months for a misdemeanor offense, and several for a felony or more serious offense, pertaining to drinking and driving. This is a period of "testing" the offender in society, to determine whether they can avoid getting themselves into trouble and becoming more responsible. The person must complete the probationary period without incident, such as drinking and driving, in order to be successful in the eyes of the court

DUI probations carry a series of conditions mandated by a judge or court, and can vary. Such conditions could be what you can and cannot do during that period, aside from driving and drinking and driving, logically. Some DUI probation conditions impose that the offender attend and successfully complete driver education courses on DUI offenses, and alcohol related courses, such as alcohol dependency. On top of this the person may be ordered to attend a DUI school with additional education courses to improve the driver and their behavior on the road.

They also provide a better understanding to the dangers of drinking and driving to everyone on the road. The judge may also order a person to speak publicly about drinking and driving as part of a probation condition. A person that is placed on DUI probation should fully understand all the restrictions and regulations that are placed upon them for the probation period, and the length of it. This can help avoid any unnecessary issues and disruptions to their probation measures, and any additional fines and/or penalties.

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