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Quick Guide to a Blood Alcohol Level Calculator

Bac Calculator

A blood alcohol calculator, commonly referred to as a BAC calculator, is a chart that provides for an approximation of a blood alcohol level in a particular person. This blood alcohol level charts will provide for the calculations in such a form in order to make determining the blood alcohol level a much easier task. However, it is important even though considerations such as age, sex, and body weight will have an effect on the BAC levels, other aspects such as a person's metabolism and body fat percentage are not factored in. That is why such blood alcohol levels are only approximations, though they will prove to be fairly accurate.

In the case that such a BAC chart is not available, one will still be able to to calculate BAC levels by using mathematical equations. The BAC calculator will use these equations as the basis of the BAC charts. The basic formula for the blood alcohol level calculator is (150/body weight)(percentage of alcohol/50)(ounces consumed)(0.025). The blood alcohol level calculator will prove to be a more complex formula than consulting a BAC chart or using a breathalyzer device. However, in certain cases in which such BAC level measuring instruments are not available, the BAC calculator formula will provide for the BAC level in a person.

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