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Driving Test Questions

Driving Test Questions

Guide to Driving Test Questions Before you take a written exam at the DMV, you may be curious about what kinds of questions will appear on the test. Researching the questions ahead of time may give you a significant advantage when you take the test, and understanding what kinds of questions you will need to answer can make it easier to find the information you should study. This guide will help you understand driving test questions for several levels of driving tests, including learner's permits, normal (non-commercial) driver's licenses, and CDLs. Learner's Permit Questions People who are learning to drive for the first time often take a written examination in order to get their learner's permit. Usually, learner's permits are given to teenagers who are taking driver's education courses or are being taught how to drive by their parents. Because a learner's permit is given only to people who do not have a license and are not expected to for some time, the driving test questions for a learner's permit tend to be more basic and simple than for other types of driver's exams. If you are applying for a learner's permit, you will be tested on fundamentals that you need to know before you get on the road at all. Important driving test questions for learner's permit exams might include being able to identify traffic signs and signals, as well as understanding your state's default speed limits. You will also be expected to answer driving test questions about safe stopping distance and other traffic safety laws. You should check your state's DMV website to see if it has any test questions, and to see what your state specifically tests on. Driving test questions for learner's permits can vary significantly from state to state, so it is important not to study using another state's materials. Driver's License Questions Driving test questions to get your driver's license may be significantly more difficult than questions on the exam for a learner's permit. By the time you take a written examination for your driver's license, you will be expected to know and understand the rules of the road, and you will also be expected to have a basic grasp on your state's traffic laws and penalties. Most states will have a brochure containing much of the information you need to understand in order to successfully answer driving test questions for your state. You may be expected to know recent updates to your state's laws, including new penalties for new offenses like texting and driving or failure to slow down when a police vehicle has pulled someone over to the shoulder. CDL Questions Commercial driving test questions are even more tough, and regulated by federal rather than state authorities. In order to get your CDL you will be expected to have a comprehensive understanding of the operation of a large truck. Your truck driving school can give you a better idea than any online source about what kinds of questions you will see during your exam. If you are seeking Haz-Mat certification along with your CDL (necessary in order to haul hazardous materials), you will be given an additional written test with questions pertaining to the storage, disposal, and containment of hazardous materials.

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