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DUI Arrest At A Glance

Dui Arrest

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol – commonly referred to as DUI – is a very serious offense, and a DUI arrest can have a substantial effect on many aspects one’s life; operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be avoided at all costs.

DUI Arrest: Impounding of Vehicle

If one is suspected – or convicted – of driving under the influence, they will be arrested and their vehicle will be impounded; a release fee will be required to reclaim the impounded vehicle.

DUI Arrest: Arrest and Processing

If a police officer suspects an individual of a DUI, a sobriety test is administered. Unless the individual proves their sobriety, they will be arrested;

Upon refusal to participate in a sobriety test, the individual will be arrested

Upon failure of the sobriety test, the individual will be arrested

Upon arrest, an individual may be required to remain in a holding cell until the completion of processing of the DUI charge in question

DUI Arrest: Court Appearance

DUI arrests result in a mandatory court appearance; a DUI attorney can assist an individual regardless of guilt or innocence;

In the event of a non-guilty plea, a DUI attorney can arrange for expert witnesses and/or analysis of the validity of the sobriety test

In the event of a guilty plea, a DUI attorney can arrange a plea bargain arrangement with the hopes of lessening the severity of the sentence

DUI Arrest: Loss of License and Insurance Surcharges

Regardless of plea, if an individual is found guilty of a DUI, the sentencing results in a mandatory loss of license as well as one’s insurance company raising rates or even dropping the individual from coverage. Both the amounts of time of the revocation of a license, as well as the increase in insurance rates, vary from state to state.

DUI Arrest: Punitive Recourse

In addition to a loss of license and rate increase – or termination – with regard to automotive insurance, based on the frequency and severity of the DUI, sentencing can also include jail time, fines, community service, and court-mandated participation in substance abuse programs.

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