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Understanding The Consequences of DUI

Dui Consequences

After being arrested and convicted of DUI charges, there are various scenarios that can take place, each affecting the offender in different ways. The consequences of DUI charge will vary depending on the nature of the DUI violation. There many variables that must be considered, so determining DUI consequences will prove to change on an individual basis.

However, there are some general DUI consequences, regardless of the particular circumstances of a DUI arrest and conviction. Generally speaking, one of the immediate consequences of a DUI will be an arrest and the impounding of the vehicle that the DUI offender was operating at the time.

Following such procedures, another of the consequences of a DUI will involve the individual being held in jail, though the actual amount of time will depend on certain situations. For example, if the offender is cooperative, the officers may release him within a few hours. However, in more serious cases, such as the offender was disorderly or the DUI arrest involved a car collision, the person may be held in jail for longer period of time.

DUI consequences that be considered more along the long term effects will prove to have the most impact on a person's life. DUI convictions will carry hefty fines and penalties imposed by the court. Depending on the nature of the DUI arrest, such as whether the DUI arrest and conviction is the first of its kind for a particular person, the fines and imposed penalties will be lower or higher at the discretion of the court.

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