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What Are DUI Laws

Dui Laws

In the United States, each state will have its own set of legislation or statutes that deal with the illegal practice of drinking and driving. A conviction of a DUI will prove to be a serious issue regardless of which state it is received in, though the actual DUI laws may differ. Because of the variance that exists among the states' DUI laws, there are states that will have more strict statutes and more stringent penalties. Though there are various states considered to have strict DUI laws, such as Washington State, California, Illinois, and Virginia, the state of Arizona has recently passed legislation that may be the most strict in the United States. According to the new legislation, all those that are found guilty and convicted of a DUI with a BAC of over 0.08% will be required by law install an ignition interlock device. In cases that the DUI conviction is accompanied with a BAC of over 0.20% or higher, the legislation will impose a mandatory 45 day incarceration period which

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