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Is a DUI Considered to be a Felony?

Is A Dui Considered To Be A Felony

When facing DUI charges, one of the most important aspects to consider will be whether the DUI charge is considered to be a felony or misdemeanor. Most states will have both felony DUI and misdemeanor DUI charges, though the DUI in the felony category is much more serious and will incur more severe penalties.

Driving while intoxicated will prove to have serious ramifications if arrested and charged for such a violation. However, when a DUI is a felony, the consequences of being charged as such are more detrimental. There are various cases in which a DUI is considered to be felony crime. In certain states, the blood alcohol content that an individual has may play a role as to how the DUI is charged. In such case, a felony DUI may be levied if the BAC is double the legal limit.

A DUI is a felony charge in the United States when the person driving while intoxicated harms or kills another individual. The resulting DUI is a felony, and will usually be either a DUI manslaughter charge, or DUI murder charge, depending on the intention of the driver as seen by the court of law.

A DUI is a felony charge in many states in the case that a previous record with driving while intoxicated exists. Subsequent offenders will face more severe charges, though a felony may be levied against a person that has been found guilty of driving while intoxicated more than twice.

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