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DUI Manslaughter

What Is Dui Manslaughter

DUI manslaughter occurs in the case in which a person that has consumed alcohol or drugs operates a motor vehicle and gets into an accident or car crash, in which a person gets killed. In such case of DUI deaths involving individuals other than the impaired driver, the driver may be receive a DUI manslaughter charge.

DUI accidents that result in a fatality will usually render a DUI manslaughter charge against the impaired driver, as long as the concept of DUI murder has been ruled out. It is not uncommon for DUI manslaughter and DUI murder to be confused with one another, however, DUI murder is defined as the intent of the driver before committing the act.

DUI manslaughter will usually be levied in the case that the impaired driver has not been charged with a DUI or felony previous to the DUI manslaughter charge. In the case that multiple DUI accidents have occurred or other DUI deaths are on the record of the impaired driver, a DUI murder charge will be more likely to be rendered. A DUI manslaughter charge is considered to be felony offense in the United States.

A DUI manslaughter conviction can carry up to a fifteen year incarceration punishment in some jurisdictions. However, other punishments can include expensive fines, rehabilitation programs, drug or alcohol testing, and probation. DUI deaths caused by an impaired driver are considered to be a very serious crime, and thus, will usually result in imprisonment for the person convicted of DUI manslaughter.

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