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How Much Is An Interlock Device

Interlock Device Cost

The ignition interlocking device has proven to be quite effective in deterring drunk driving. The ignition interlock device installation may be ordered by the state courts as part of the sentencing or punishment when a person is convicted of a DUI. The interlock device is meant to render an automobile inoperable by blocking its ignition system when a person has consumed alcohol. Even though this may prove to be a beneficial method to stop drinking and driving, the interlock device cost is usually something that the convicted individual most provide for out of pocket.

The interlock device cost will depend on the total amount of time in which the device must be installed and operable in a person's vehicle. Usually, the device itself is not purchased, but rather rented for the duration of the imposed time period. Interlock device cost will vary depending on the length of the term. However, the interlock device cost in terms of the rental fees will usually range between $70 and $100 per month plus tax.

Furthermore, the costs of the device are further increased by the cost of the interlock device installation. Interlock device installation will also vary in terms of cost, though it will typically range between $100 and $200. Alone, the interlock device cost for rental and installation can incur some pretty high financial considerations. One must also keep in mind that there will be extra costs for the maintenance of the device that usually is not factored in.

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