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Look Into SCRAM


SCRAM, which stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, is a device that is attached on to a person that is meant to analyze the skin of its wearer in order to determine the blood alcohol content of the individual on an hourly basis.

In the case that the device detects the presence of alcohol, the SCRAM device will then test the BAC of the individual every half hour. The SCRAM is often referred to as a Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring system due to its method of analyzing the skin in order to determine the BAC of its wearer.

The SCRAM device will usually come in the form of a bracelet, which is most commonly worn on the ankle of the individual. The Continuous Transdermal Alcohol monitoring device will then analyze the wearer's perspiration to the determine the blood alcohol content.

The SCRAM device, upon analyzing BAC levels, will then transmit the data through a modem, which is either at the home of the individual or monitoring office. This data will be analyzed by a computer program, which can then be reviewed through the internet. It will present data containing information such as the wearer's temperature and the consumption of alcohol that occurred over a period of time.

The first Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring device was developed in 1998 by Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc., obtaining the first patent for the SCRAM device in 1993. Currently the SCRAM device and program is currently used in forty states throughout the country.

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