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What Are Insurance Surcharges

Insurance Surcharges

Insurance surcharges are an added penalty that those who are convicted of DUI have to face, in addition to their other punishments. They are often the "forgotten" penalty because right away people want to know about license suspension/revocations, and secondly jail time and/or fines. They believe those are the most worrisome penalties so they neglect to realize that they may face other harsh ones.

Insurance surcharges are a cost that a driver convicted of DUI will face in addition to other fines, for a disclosed period of time as a penalty for drunk driving. New Jersey state drivers that are found to be over the legal BAC limit of 0.08% will face insurance charges of $1,000 a year for a period of three years following their conviction. However, the percentage that you are above the .08% can decide what other stiffer penalties you will face. The only instance where the insurance surcharge itself is raised in cost is when a driver is convictedbreathalyzerDUI attorney

Insurance charges do exist to other violations, they can pertain to moving offenses such as speeding, but also to others. Some states impose insurance surcharges on those who drive without a license or other similar offenses. However, they are the highest when involved with DUI offenses, meant to pile on the costs of a DUI offense. With setting such examples of the cost one can endure for such an offense, it's seen as a method to deter other drivers from drunk driving or at least thinking twice before doing so. Looking at the cost one can end up with, not counting the after effects, it's a very expensive mistake that one may not be able to afford.

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