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Kentucky Traffic Fines

Kentucky Traffic Fines

A Brief Introduction to Kentucky Traffic Fines Kentucky traffic fines can be an enormously big deal depending on your situation, with the costs running up to as much as $500 if your case is taken to court. If you plead guilty, you may have to pay hundreds of dollars in Kentucky traffic fines, and if you don’t, you may have to pay lawyer fees as well as your Kentucky traffic fines. Before you decide what to do, learn more about Kentucky traffic law and Kentucky traffic fines. What Are Point Violations? Part of what makes Kentucky traffic violations so troubling is that they don’t only include Kentucky traffic fines from the accident and their associated hassles, but also the points assigned to your driver’s license. Points signify that you’ve driven recklessly to your insurance company, and your insurance company, taking this as a signal that you are more likely to get into a car accident, hikes up your premiums. Therefore, you want to not only look out for the Kentucky traffic fines but also the points. Traffic points can also be a deep concern when you consider that accumulating too many will get your license revoked. If you accumulate 12 or more points on your license in a span of two years, your license will be suspended. This means only 2 traffic stops could result in your license being suspended. The law is even more severe if you are under 18; it only takes 7 points in two years to get the licenses of minors suspended. Violations and Fees by Points Most moving vehicle violations in Kentucky are groped together by points rather than by the Kentucky traffic fine, which can vary depending on the sentencing judge. Here are some examples violations and their associated fines, listed by point penalties: Three Point Penalty Violations: • Driving 15 mph or less over the speed limit on any non-limited access highway—This results in a $173 payment when pled guilty to ($143 court costs + $30 fine) • Ignoring a stop sign, traffic signal or railroad crossing— This results in a $163 payment when pled guilty to ($143 court costs + $20) • Failing to yield, such as not yielding during a funeral procession — This results in a $163 payment when pled guilty to ($143 court costs + $20) Four Point Penalty Violations: • Driving recklessly—This could result in a court case, with fines up to $500 • Following too closely— This results in a $163 payment when pled guilty to ($143 court costs + $20) Five-point Violations • Improper passing—This results in a $173 payment when pled guilty to ($143 court costs + $30 fine) Six-point Violations • Driving 16 to 25 mph over speed the limit on any road or highway—This results in a fine of anywhere from $32 for driving 16 mph above the speed limit to $55 for driving 25 mph above the speed limit, bringing the total payment including court costs to anywhere from $175 to $198. Traffic School You may be able to avoid Kentucky traffic fines and their associate points by going to traffic school, where you’ll receive reeducation about various traffic safety protocols. This may be a way to avoid a suspension on your license, but be aware that traffic school has a cost, so you’ll essentially be trading in Kentucky traffic fines for traffic school payments.

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