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What are Personal Breathalyzer Devices

Personal Breathalyzer

Increases in the number of DUI cases caused not only law enforcement departments and state legislatures to step up in the fight, but also (even if for profit as well) manufacturers of breathalyzers. These companies realized that they could make personal units that are portable for people to carry around with them, so they can take their own precautionary measured before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Personal come in many different shapes, sizes, and models, some better (more accurate) than others. These personal breathalyzers are yet another weapon to combat DUI offenses and lower the number of alcohol-related accidents and deaths due to these accidents. It serves as a helpful tool for any responsible individual who may want to care for not only their own life but for the lives of those around them. They can also use it as a measure to protect their driving privileges, even if not inebriated. Many times people have a few drinks and feel fine, and drive home and make it home fine, and their judgment was barely, if even, impaired.

What they may not know, is that their BAC level is slightly or well above the legal limit of the state. If they would have been pulled over on that drive home, and the officer administered a breathalyzer due to suspicion, the person would be arrested under the charge of DUI. DUI offenses are extremely severe, and can affect one's life greatly. First of all the charge will remain on your record, and on top of that you may be subject to suspended or revoked driving privileges. Not to mention the many fines that will accompany such a charge to emphasize its gravity.

This is where a personal breathalyzer can come into play and help avoid that person from driving home at that current moment until they sober up, or have someone else drive them instead. It is never a good idea to drive with a few drinks in your system but a personal breathalyzer can give you a significantly accurate reading of your BAC levels on your breath.

They are simple and easy to use, much more simple than taking your own urine or blood sample. The truth of the matter is, if a person is drinking, they shouldn't be driving at all, but this device can help keep people who are definitely not in a state to drive off the road. Personal breathalyzers promote a sense of responsibility from a person drinking, and show friends and family their concern for safety and a lack of carelessness.

Today, with the advancement of technologies, there are a variety of personal breathalyzers to choose from, sized like a calculator, or small enough to fit on your keychain. They vary in price by the system they use to detect the alcohol reading (i.e. fuel cell), which will make one model more accurate over another. The best way to choose a personal breathalyzer that can give you the best possible reading to their capability is by reading through reviews on web sites and articles, and compare details. These devices can combine with other tools and efforts to keep drunk drivers off our roads.

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