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Kern County Jail

Kern County Jail

Kern County Jail is located in Bakersfield, California. Kern County Jail is administered by the Kern County Sheriff's Office. The Kern County Sheriff Office is the oldest law enforcement agency in the county, and in addition to operating the facilities at the Kern County Jail, the Kern County Sheriff's Office also provides the courts with bailiff and prisoner transportation service, performs search and rescue, supervises coroner services, and is responsible for civil processing, also known as serving papers for a lawsuit. In addition, the Kern County Sheriff's Office also provides police services to smaller towns in the county.

More than one quarter of the employees of the Kern County Sheriff's Department are involved in deputy roles in the Kern County Jail.

The Kern County Jail as to adhere to the guidelines of the operation of a County Jail laid out by the state laws and the standards that have been set out by the state Corrections Standards Authority to supervise the functioning of the Kern County Jail.

The inmates at Kern County Jail may be awaiting transportation to another facility within the state, may be waiting to be arraigned in court, or may be serving sentences handed down by the Kern County Court System. The Kern County Jail has facilities for both male and female inmates.

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