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Connecticut State DUI Laws

Connecticut State Dui Laws

Connecticut DUI laws within the state encompass both adult drivers as well those under the country-wide drinking age of 21. When referring to drivers under the age of 21, Connecticut DUI laws set forth that they be prohibited from operating a motor vehicle if their blood alcohol level is that of 0.2 percent or higher.

This differs from the percentage set forth for all other drivers, which is that of 0.8, a number shared widely across the United States. Connecticut also shares the "Implied Consent Law" that various other states have within their states legislatures. I states that, by possessing a Connecticut state license, you automatically agree to take part in a chemical test that would check for alcohol in your system. Refusal will lead to serious consequences, similar to that of an actual DUI conviction.

Therefore, under such circumstances, it would be advisable to attain the counsel and representation of a Connecticut DUI attorney. A Connecticut DUI attorney will ensure that you be represented by one with the utmost knowledge and familiarity in relation to the circumstances you may find yourself within when faced with DUI charges.

There are three specifications in terms of convictions for Connecticut DUI offenses, after which increasingly serious consequences are sure to follow. In relation to the first Connecticut DUI conviction, jail time may be from a minimum of 2 days to that of 6 months. If you jail time is suspended, however, you may be asked to complete 100 hours of community service. License suspension will last that of one year.

You will also be expected to complete a substance abuse treatment program, in addition to having you motor vehicle towed away in impounded for a couple of days. For the second Connecticut DUI conviction, jail time will consist of a minimum of 120 days to that of 2 years. Fines will range from $1,000 to $4,000, with license suspension for the period of a year.

In addition, an ignition interlock device will be required for 2 years following license suspension. Similar to a first Connecticut DUI conviction, you will be expected to attend a program as well as will have you car taken away for a few days, in addition to identical community service hours. A Connecticut DUI attorney may serve you well in such a case of repeat offense.

For the third Connecticut DUI offense, jail time will range from a year to 3 years. Fines will be comprised of $2,000 to that of $8,000. Though community service hours will mirror that of those incurred upon the first two convictions, this third Connecticut DUI offense will lead to more serious consequences in addition to these.

This is due to the fact that license suspension may be permanent. In such a case, you may ask for another hearing to plead your case following the passing of 6 years. Hiring of a Connecticut DUI attorney will be vital to your hopes of reacquiring license privileges.

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