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Nevada DUI Laws

Nevada Dui Laws

Nevada DUI laws provide for the same permitted .08 BAC as all the United States. In addition, a Nevada DUI can apply to those found with concentration under .08 BAC if found in conjunction with other controlled substances and drugs. Nevada DUI laws also designate lower BAC percentages for commercial drivers and those under the age of twenty-one at any traceable amount and .02 BAC respectively.

Nevada also operated an implied consent law that stipulates that a driver must submit to a breath, urine, or blood analysis if suspected of driving under the influence. An officer is permitted to use reasonable force to perform such a test, and if not possible, the penalties for a refusal are either the same or worse than a normal Nevada DUI charge.

First Offense:

A first Nevada DUI offense can carry penalties that include; jail from 2 to one-hundred days, a fine that can range from four-hundred to one-thousand dollars, and suspended driving privileges for ninety days. The court has discretion to issue a temporary driver's license after half the time has been served, at which time an ignition interlock device may be installed. Also, a convicted offender of Nevada DUI laws may serve community service of ninety-six hours instead of jail time if so issued. The driver will have to pay for DUI school and possible program or treatment.

Second Offense:

Receiving a second Nevada DUI charge within seven years of previous charge can result in jail time for ten to one-hundred and eighty days, fines from seven-hundred and fifty to one-thousand dollars, and a suspended license with no possibility of receiving a restricted license. Community service may also be levied for one-hundred to two-hundred hours. The registration of the driver's vehicle may be suspended and Nevada DUI laws provide for a possibility of one-year supervised treatment.

Third Offense (and hereafter):

A third Nevada DUI charge calls for a prison sentence of one to six years, fines from two to five-thousand dollars, and a three-year suspension of driving privileges. In certain instances a restricted license may be granted but with the installment of an ignition interlock device. Similar to the second offense, the owner's registration may be suspended and the charged party can be sent to three years of supervised alcohol treatment.

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