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New Hampshire State DUI Laws

New Hampshire State Dui Laws

New Hampshire DUI laws set forth that a generally-held limit of .08 percent in terms of blood alcohol levels for driving. New Hampshire DUI laws also posses specifications in terms of commercial vehicle drivers as well as individuals residing under the age of 21. In reference to the former, they must maintain a blood alcohol below that of .04 percent, while the latter must maintain an even lower level, residing under that of .02 in order to maintain legality while operating a motor vehicle. In addition to such specifications, New Hampshire DUI laws also place restrictions over drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. The state of New Hampshire also employs the Implied Consent Law that many other states have instituted. In New Hampshire, drivers must allow for chemical tests in order to determine the presence of alcohol, drugs, or both. Upon refusal, however, an individual may risk license suspension for up to 180 days. If, however, they had already refused a chemical test within 7 years of this current test request, their license may be suspended for a greater amount of 2 years. In such cases, New Hampshire DUI laws treat refusal similarly to that of actual convictions for DUI.

The state of New Hampshire maintains 3 levels of penalty in terms of convictions of DUI, after which more serious consequences are sure to follow. For the first New Hampshire DUI offense, jail time minimum consists of 10 days if you are also convicted of "aggravated DWI," that which will be touched upon later. The minimum fine would be that of $500, while it would be that of $750 if classified again as an aggravated DWI. License suspension may range anywhere from 9 months to 2 years, while the minimum would increase to that of 18 months if an aggravated DWI. According to New Hampshire DUI laws, individuals must also complete and Impaired Driver Intervention Program as well as alcohol/drug treatment or counseling, if possible. For the first repeat New Hampshire DUI offense, the jail time minimum is that of 30 days. The minimum fine would be that of $750, with license suspension being 3 years at the very least. The court may also order the institution of an Ignition Interlock device to be installed within the motor vehicle. Much like the first New Hampshire DUI offense, alcohol/drug treatment may be requested if possible.

In the event of a second repeat New Hampshire DUI offense, the jail time minimum increases to that of a 180 days, with the minimum fine staying the same as is existent for the first repeat New Hampshire DUI offender. License suspension, however, incurs more serious consequences as it may last indefinitely. The only option for an individual may be that of a petitioning of court following the passing of 7 years. The court may also require the installment of the ignition interlock device if possible. In addition, the individual will be required to fulfill a term of at least 28 days within a residential treatment program. Since we had referenced "New Hampshire Aggravated DWI" earlier, it would be appropriate to specify what such a term entails. The following circumstances comprise such a charge: driving 30 mph above the posted speed limit, causing collision leading to serious harm or injury, possessing a minor under the age of 16 within the vehicle, or having a blood alcohol level of .16 or above.

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