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Vermont DUI Laws

Vermont Dui Laws

Vermont DUI laws carry extremely strict penalties when it comes to applying for license reinstatement. Any individual who is charged with a Vermont DUI can count of having to complete a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program before earning a chance to have their license reinstated.

A driver who is convicted of a first Vermont DUI can receive up to 90 days in jail for the crime. An individual can also face up to two years in jail under Vermont DUI laws. A standard fine that a driver convicted of a Vermont DUI must pay is up to $750.

There is also a minimum DUI surcharge of $160. This charge will be added onto any other charges that one accrues from being charged with a Vermont DUI. In order for one to have their license reinstated after being charged with a Vermont DUI, they must complete an alcohol and drug awareness program, as well as a possible therapy program.

A second Vermont DUI offense carries even stricter penalties. Under Vermont DUI laws, an individual must spend at least 60 hours in jail or 200 hours of community service. The individual may have that jail term extended for up to two years. A Vermont DUI charge will result in an individual losing their license for at least six months. The fine is a minimum of $1500, again with a DWI surcharge of $160 per year.

If an individual is charged with a third Vermont DUI, they may lose their license for the duration of their life. In some circumstances, Vermont DUI laws will allow an individual to have their license reinstated if they are clean from any drugs or alcohol for three years.

An individual must either spend 1000 consecutive hours in jail or dedicate 400 hours of community service. A possible jail term of five years as well as a fine of up to $2500 may be required. One's vehicle may also be seized.
Any individual charged with a Vermont DUI will have to complete some form of outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation before having the chance to get their license back. Depending on which Vermont DUI conviction it is, they may never be eligible to get their license reinstated. Vermont is one of the few states that can possibly make a person ineligible ever to get their license reinstated.

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