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Wyoming DUI Laws

Wyoming Dui Laws

Wyoming DUI laws require that any individual who is charged with a Wyoming DUI, has to pay for their own substance abuse assessment before their license can be reinstated. This rule applies no matter how many times an individual is convicted of a Wyoming DUI.

When one is charged with their first Wyoming DUI, they will lose their license for at least 90 days. A six month jail term is also possible under Wyoming DUI laws, depending on the severity of the incident. A minimum fine of $750 has to be paid to the state as well. The penalties for Wyoming DUI charges increase depending on how much time passes between each one.

The second Wyoming DUI that one is charged with carries a jail sentence of at least seven days. That term can be extended to last up to six months. Wyoming DUI laws require that an individual meet with a substance abuse counselor that is certified by the department of health before being sentenced in court.

The person must pay for this assessment on their own. Failure to do so will result in a stricter sentence as well as the inability to have one's license reinstated. The individual who is charged with a second Wyoming DUI will have their license suspended for at least one year and pay a fine of at least $750. New Wyoming DUI laws passed in 2009 make it mandatory for anyone convicted of a second Wyoming DUI to pay for an install an ignition interlock device for one year in the car they use.

A third Wyoming DUI conviction will result in one losing their license for at least three years. Under Wyoming DUI laws, there is a 30 day mandatory jail sentence that one must complete if they are convicted of a third Wyoming DUI. This can be extended for up to six months but can be lessened if the individual attends an inpatient rehabilitation center to receive drug or alcohol addiction treatment. An ignition interlock device must be installed in the individual's car for two years after their license is reinstated. Fines range from $750 to $3000.

A fourth Wyoming DUI charge results in a fine of up to $10,000. If the fourth Wyoming DUI is within five years of a previous Wyoming DUI conviction, an individual may be sentenced for up to two years in jail. A fourth Wyoming DUI charge requires an individual to use an ignition interlock device for the duration of their life. After five years, a driver can petition the courts with a request to remove the ignition interlock device.

Under Wyoming DUI laws, any individual who drives in Wyoming gives permission for the police department to administer a drug or breathalyzer test if it is suspected that they are impaired. A person who refuses such a test automatically loses their license for six months for the first Wyoming DUI conviction and 18 months for everyone after that.

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